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- INDONESIA is Islam in a way that we westerners cannot imagine. As the country with the largest Islamic community in the world, veils dress women's hair in more colours than anywhere else. Reds, greens, yellows, pinks and blues, the religion has the same tones that the landscape offers.


This land is synonymous of volcanoes, jungles, beaches, fruit, exoticism and aborigines. I never saw physiognomy like in this area of the Indian Ocean, brown tinted shades of earth define the place where mother earth develops her power. All of the planet's angry energy is at its maximum expression to show that the sea and fire are the perfect combination to give the signals about how we treat the planet. It is here that one is transported into the whirlpool of infinity. -





"Travelling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness"

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