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- INDIA needs a whole life to be known. As if it were a gift in the form of reality, this land is capable of showing all the faces of humanity, from the greatest of greed, the insignificance of people or the overflowing sexism, to the fervor for traditions, the colours of its culture or the most enchanting aroma of purity that one can find.


There is no single India, but it is as if it were a great sea, bathed by different rivers of landscapes, climates, people, and infinite sensations that one discovers as the body and mind adapt to such an explosion of changes.


The peace of mind that is attributed to this place is more like a daily struggle for internal survival. India will make your senses open up to experimentation and constant work, not by your own will, but it will be such a burden of sensations that you will discover on your journey, that tranquillity must be understood as a form of internal communication, of knowing one's limits and controlling one's actions.


As if life had decided to anchor its maximum expression on this earth, the most authentic speed and calm make this place the most exciting circle of life that can be navigated. -





"Travelling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness"

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