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- ARGENTINA is a country of secrets hidden by the landscapes of beautiful Patagonia, the indigenous culture of Jujuy, the Iguazu Falls and its majestic capital Buenos Aires.


Its people have their own style, the result of the mixture of having been a welcoming country at many moments in history, where passion is perceived at all times. Its sweet and carefree accent, its asados, its wine, its elegance in the tango and its movement in the cumbia villera make every person find in this country the intensity of life. 


Politics is also part of the country's daily life, always affected by the foreign debt and economic dependence on soya. Stability is a difficult characteristic to find in a place where taking cash out of the bank can become a challenge because of the lack of money and the long queues that are created.-





"Travelling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness"

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